Francisca’s Empanadas + stories of the early Berkeley Food Collective.

5 thoughts on “Francisca’s Empanadas + stories of the early Berkeley Food Collective.”

  1. How many Franciscas are there? How many have I known? As a writer, I truly am jealous that Lani from Melbourne could conjure a Francisca who stays with you long after the empanadas are gone, who is still there for and with you, before the next round has been created. Without Francisca, I would have been lost years ago. Thank you, Lani, for reminding me and creating these images.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Gabriel – Francisca is too amazing to not write about! I am so blessed I was able to visit her and have her take such care teaching these to me.

  2. Que gana de comer tu ricas empanadas: Ojala vengas pronto a visitarnos. Felicitaciones Un abrazo Anabel y Georgina

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