A Welsh Cake Tea Party.

I am staying with the loveliest family while I wait to move into my new house in Victoria Park Village – the house is just such a lovely buzzing hive of activity. It’s beautiful in summer, as the house just opens up to the back garden. We were all hanging out, working on our own things … Continue reading A Welsh Cake Tea Party.

A Shoreditch Sunday.

It’s been a big weekend. I’ve been running myself ragged trying to finish this book, so just needed a few days of fun to reset my jumbled brain. We started on friday with some beers in the park with Banjo. Well, I started 30 minutes earlier when the village kids had come to hang out … Continue reading A Shoreditch Sunday.

Taste of London, Summer.

You might remember how ecstatic I get when Taste of Melbourne, the best food festival EVER comes around. Here is my raving hysteria and video from last years event. The Taste Festivals are held all around the world, and are the same the world over: except each is full of each places local chefs and … Continue reading Taste of London, Summer.