Four Seasons of Food is a collective of highly skilled food professionals, ready to help you with anything, anywhere.

We aren’t like the others. We are an affordable, specialized and on-call F&B workforce, driven by our love for food and the industry.

Whatever type of service you are looking for, we’ve got an experienced professional ready to help. Marketing, consulting, development, content, you name it – and all with simple, hourly rates.

No minimum spend, no overheads. It’s the new (and better) way to do business.

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What our clients have to say:

“Lani and her team brought a total solution for us… allowing us to focus on our core business. We had meetings to make sure Lani and her team were on the same page: from then on, we’ve never looked back.

A total solution without the overheads of an end-to-end agency, and flexibility to meet your needs: that’s what we were after and we got even more.”

Koray Gencel-Prana Chai

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Welsh Cakes (picau ar y maen)
The quantity of memories I have of Wales far surpass the time I actually spent there. I don’t know what sort of magic this wild land spun on me but it certainly made a mark.…
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The Art and Demise of the Windmill
Deep in the heart of Lincolnshire, octogenarian Tom Waterfield spends his days climbing up and down narrow, well-trodden ladders inside one of the last functioning windmills in the world. His knitted wool sweater covered in…
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Coffee Rituals Around the World
Originially featured in British Airways Magazine as The Club’s Guide to Coffee Rituals By Lani Kingston Addis Ababa, Ethiopia It’s said that the birthplace of coffee is in Ethiopia – so it is no wonder…
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(not) Chocolate, (not) Milk: a dessert for Chef Dan Barber’s WastED Menu
In 2017, renowned New York restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns brought their unique pop up WastED to the roof of Selfridges, London. Partnering with local food producers and manufacturers, they sourced food that would…
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