Fishing for trout.

It’s my last weekend working with Joint Councils Access for All Abilities – it’s the longest I’ve ever stayed at a job (almost 3 years), and it’s the only one I have loved from beginning to end. JCAAA really launched me into my culinary adventures. My interest in food came early, but my jumble sale of a career of culinary adventures combined with media was instigated by my appointment as program coordinator of the community kitchens. I went to pastry school because it was the same price as a food handlers license. I started a blog because I was cooking so much I wanted to record my recipes. And the rest is history….

On top of that, I met my best friend there. Our Abbott and Costello party routine would go:

‘How do you two know each other?’

Angela: ‘Well….’
Lani: ‘Don’t do it!’
Angela: ‘She’sssssssss..’
Lani: ‘I’m not!’
Angela: ‘She’s ma bawss!’

*both laugh hysterically while question asker giggles mildly uncomfortably*


Throughout the years I have taken on shifts on other programs, and this weekend, my final weekend with the council, is filled with delicious adventures and dancing. Today, we visited the Trout Farm, and afterwards I was a fun-maker/dancing machine/pizza hander-outerer at the disco.

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I picked up the bus from the council, and then my friend Jen and I started the road trip out past Belgrave. Turning down a dirt road and following the signs from the highway, we ended up in a massive carpark, purchasing tickets to pick up fishing rods and heading out to the trout ponds.

We spent the afternoon in the sun, loading up fishing hooks with gummy bait, casting off into ponds and pulling large salmon and trout up one after another.

Jen and I got one big-ass trout to take home. I cooked it up for brunch for Jen, Angela and I.


I stuffed it with:
½ inch chopped fresh ginger
2 chopped smoked garlic cloves
2 chopped spring onions
½ stem chopped lemongrass
½ bunch coriander
1 chopped fresh red chilli
4 kaffir lime leaves, torn
3 tablespoons sesame oil.

Seasoned with salt and pepper, and backed in a baking paper and foil packet for about 30 minutes at 350ºF.


We ate it with toasted brioche and scrambled coriander and chilli eggs.



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