A day in the Dandenongs.

Edward wanted to see some wildlife. So I thought we would head out to the Dandendongs and wander around in the national parks, check out some of the cute towns scattered amongst the rainforest backdrop, and walk the 1000 steps Kokoda Track.


We didn’t see any wombats or koalas but saw some Aussie birds so Edward was happy!


We wandered around some gardens, found some hollowed out trees, and I made some flower garlands.



Edward is obsessed with Aussie pies – I am too but as they are always available to me am a little less excited as he is. But I am always up for pie! We stopped in to the pie shop, Pie in the Sky, at Olinda for lunch on the way home.


Chicken Korma pies and Pecan Pie for dessert. So good.



Sometimes it is so nice to get out of the city just for a day.



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