Candles, cheesecake, gin and bonfires.

This morning was just spent lazing around. In the afternoon we head out to Superstition Springs and shopped a little – I bought way too many Blueberry Pumpkin Patch candles that were on seasonal clearance. But my god they are delicious, they smell like pumpkin pancakes with blueberry sauce. Something WILL catch on fire.


I almost bought a coat from Hollister – but the fur was just a little too ridiculous. Everything was 50-60% off though – I love American sales.


We had lunch at my beloved Cheesecake Factory. Once again I ate so much I didn’t have room for cheesecake. The servings are SO large, I think I have only been able to order cheesecake twice after eating. I will have to go just for cheesecake I think, and somehow turn down the fish sandwiches, enchiladas, chipotle pastas, mushroom soups….


In the evening we set up a bonfire next to the pool out the back and drank Hendricks with Melon Soda. I can’t believe you can get Hendricks for US$28 a bottle here, it is close to double that back in Australia.

Life is slow but fun here.

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