Goodbye my Baby Girl.

My baby girl, Daisy, who I got for my 11th birthday, has not been well for a while. We knew the end was coming, and as my departure to the USA became more imminent it was becoming clear that she was not well enough to move with me as was originally planned. She needed to be home, and near her amazing vet who has saved her life over and over again.


So it was decided she would stay with Eric, who has become her Daddy over the past five years, and Auntie Stina would have a key and visit during the day, or take her home so she had company. She was so loved and spoiled by all my friends, she was such a lucky girl.


But she all of a sudden went downhill very quickly over the past few days.


From work, Eric called Stina (who wrote about her last day with Daisy too here) and she went to his house immediately. Her and I sat on skype all day, reading Daisy the Art of War, singing her ‘Home is wherever I’m with you‘ by Edward Sharpe, and just lying together, keeping each other company. There were lots of tears and snuggles.


Mum and my brother Jai joined in for a bit to say goodbye.



After a bit, I realised she was in pain. She pulls her lip up a little bit at the side when she is. I messaged Eric that he might need to come home, and within an hour he was there. He made the appointment and all there was to do was to wait.

Stina’s husband Peter got off work early and came over to come along too. I can’t imagine what we would have done without those two. Stina was the reason I could spend Daisy’s last day with her. If Stina wasn’t there I wouldn’t have been there to see Daisy was in pain and get Eric to come home.

If Stina wasn’t there, Daisy would have been alone. But she wasn’t. She was cared for and loved and she felt safe.

Stina held Daisy in the car, and Eric drove to the vet. Peter called me in on skype every now and then in the car, so I could join in the car ride too.


Finally they got to the vet and all piled into the room. Peter skyped me in and held the phone up so I could see and talk to my baby. She was sitting there eating liver treats, with her two favourite toys, sausage dog and puppy. She was getting lots of pats.

This was the last photo taken of Daisy. In the arms of her Daddy in the vet waiting room.


She went peacefully surrounded by people who love her. She wasn’t in a huge amount of pain yet, we took her only a few hours after she started feeling very bad. We didn’t want her to suffer.

Daisy, you were my best friend. Together we grew from children into adults, we shared life, laughter, holidays, love, tears, cuddles, family, and ice cream. Everywhere I went, the little pitter patter of your paws was only a few steps behind. Together we moved on up in the world, from babies in Canberra all the way to grown-ups in the big city where we both suffered through bad apartments, bad housemates (me the human housemates, you the dog housemates), and the trials of life. I will miss your little soft ears.


There were times when there was only me and you – we had moved so far from home and hardly knew anyone in this big scary city. But you were always there to give me kisses when times got tough. No matter how alone I was, I was never alone. I was never lonely. I always had you looking at me with those big loving eyes, curling up next to me with your head on my lap just to make sure I didn’t leave you.


Daisy, you have been the light of my life for the past 14 years. No matter what happened in this big wide world, there was one little being that needed me, loved me and was always there for me. I know you were the best dog by the amount of people you won over. Every where I went, you came along too, and all of my friends fell in love.

We will miss you every day Sweet Potato Pie.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye my Baby Girl.”

  • Lani, I want to come back in my next life as your dog – Daisy was so well loved and looked after. I'm so sorry she's gone :o(

  • Hi Lani, Daisy was such a lovely girl. I was in tears reading about her. We will miss her deeply. My thoughts and prayers are with you. RIP Daisy…you'll always be in my heart. xxx

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