A Cockney Flower Market + vintage shopping on Brick Lane.

Today was just magical.

It was one of our first warm, sunny days of my first London Summer.

We head into Dylan’s friends new teahouse in Shoreditch, Hawkhurst Vault, and started the day with oolong, puerh, chocolate + beet and courgette + pistachio cakes over a game of chess.


Then we head up to Columbia Road to the famous flower market that has been running every weekend for decades. The gruff, stocky Englishmen shout in their cockney accents, offering bunches of roses, daffodils, sunflowers and everything in between for only a few quid.











After buying some sunflowers, we head down Brick Lane market shopping and I picked up a flower garland – already starting to look a little ridiculously over-flower-laden, I took it up one more notch when I found a gorgeous little jacket in one of the underground vintage stores. As soon as I stepped out of the store, Dylan and I laughing at my attire, I was stopped by a photographer who was shooting for a Parisian fashion blog.


Snapped in Shoreditch – really proves that fashion is a joke. So it seems the recipe for success is dress in a manner which you can’t help but laugh at.

I did get a lot of smiles on the way home though, and not in a mocking way – more in a ‘It’s summer! It’s sunny! It’s the weekend! And that lady looks like a walking garden bed!’ way.


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