On my travels, I love to meet real people, cook and share food, and collect recipes.

You can easily adjust the serving size by clicking on it – the recipe will automatically scale up or down.

These are some of the recipes shared with me over the years – to see the stories and photographs that go along with each, find the link to the blog post in the excerpt.

Happy eating!

Loobia Polo, Salad Shirazi and Mint YoghurtMy Iranian friend, Pouya, is a man of many talents. He makes things from leather, knows a lot about almost everything, and can cook very well too. He came over to share some recipes from his homeland. From
Fragrant Asian Baked TroutBack in University, I used to work for the local council's program for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. We ran really incredible programs and activities - one day, we took everyone to the local Rainbow Trout farm and spent the day fishing for our dinner. We came home with more fish than we could carry - so the easiest way to cook them all up was to bake them in papillote (baking paper), stuffed with herbs. This is more of an idea than a recipe, because it's so flexible - but you must start with very fresh fish! From
GimbapMy friend Edward went to work in South Korea for a while, and came back with a lot of interesting foods to try. He set up a cooking night with some Korean friends to make Gimbap, which is similar to sushi rolls. Best served with a lot of soju!

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