On my travels, I love to meet real people, cook and share food, and collect recipes.

You can easily adjust the serving size by clicking on it – the recipe will automatically scale up or down.

These are some of the recipes shared with me over the years – to see the stories and photographs that go along with each, find the link to the blog post in the excerpt.

Happy eating!

Fragrant Asian Baked TroutBack in University, I used to work for the local council's program for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. We ran really incredible programs and activities - one day, we took everyone to the local Rainbow Trout farm and spent the day fishing for our dinner. We came home with more fish than we could carry - so the easiest way to cook them all up was to bake them in papillote (baking paper), stuffed with herbs. This is more of an idea than a recipe, because it's so flexible - but you must start with very fresh fish! From

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